Mac Transco

Mac Transco is a company that offers internationally superior transport solutions from a platform built upon more than 20 years of business experience A revolutionary company that continually invests money, time and resources in an infrastructure that guarantees speed, timeliness and quality freight.

Since 1982, Mac Transco has worked to create a company that can confidently offer international customers a customised service that speaks of unfailing excellence through teamwork and co-operation in terms of productivity and efficiency. Mac Transco currently transports over 1,000,000 tons of coal annually, across combined monthly distances of 85,000 km that comprises of a haul of 25,000 tons of coal every week, for various large mines, across distances up to 600km. Furthermore, we have available, for emergency transport and high security products, a helicopter and experienced pilot who can take off at the shortest notice.

Mac Transco is set apart from competition by:

  • Revolutionary and affordable transport solutions;
  • Modern fleet of trucks ready to safely and properly haul all your cargo nationally, and internationally;
  • A highly qualified and experienced management team that oversees all forms of Mac Transco transport solutions to ensure that each and every clientele receives the best possible services;
  • More than just freight, with an integrated warehouse network and railway siding;
  • And much more.

Therefore, when your company demands the excellence of a customised freight solution, simply contact Mac Transco to discuss your ultimate transport solutions.