Freight transport

Congratulations for considering the freight transport company that is amongst the leading bodies in the South African freight industry – Experts that cater to broader transport requirements - It can only be Mac Transco.

From the founding year and registration, we positioned ourselves as an all-round freight transport solutions provider, rather than just focusing on selective transport services. Today, after more than 2 decades of business success, we offer affordable, yet comprehensive freight transport services, such as road maintenance, bulk transport and warehouse facilities, as well as the import and export of coal, cement and so much more.

Did you know that according to leading statistics, South Africa’s road network carries approximately 80% of all freight? Indeed, and major cargo hauling companies like Mac Transco carries roughly 29%, with the other 69% transported by firms or operators in the normal course of their business.

In considering our level of excellence, why not review the size of our existing clientele base, and the considerable services we render to these important South African companies. Our infrastructure, which was carefully designed and developed from solid freight transport experience in our decades of business success, enables us to deliver 1,000,000 tons of coal annually across Southern Africa – Traveling distances from 100 to 600km for each customer, that is more than a combined total of 85, 000 kilometres driven every month.

When it comes to quality freight transport, which established company is better suited and aligned to address your business requirements, than Mac Transco - guaranteeing professionalism and reliability