More than just import freight services

Welcome to Mac Transco – the import and export freight leaders in South Africa.

With Massina Associated Carriers (MAC) you can customize a perfect freight import solution of virtually any goods to any African country – all within a revolutionary pricing structure. With more than 2 decades of expertise in imports and exports, we are confident in our guarantee of unequalled brilliance to you, our valuable client. We are proud to say that we already haul 1,000,000 tons of coal annually, across distances of 100 to 600km. Yes, our well-established network of staff, equipment and trucks, enable us to drive a combined 85, 000 kilometres every month in the rendering of reliable and import services – that is twice around the earth.

Mac Transco vaunts with the following impressive import services:

  • Various options in integrated warehousing, for temporary storage of imports;
  • The guarantee of service excellence, managed by a highly qualified and experienced management team that crucially directs all imports;
  • A world-class contribution to the South African freight industry with dependable and cost-effective import solutions; and
  • The incorporation of internationally advanced software, which give us the electronic-management edge in all freight, from local to imports and exports.

Did you know that MAC Transco offers the most advanced import services with more than 250 years of combined experience in the transport, logistics and warehousing?

So when it comes to quality import and export logistics, why not consider the leading solutions of Mac Transco.