Long Distance Transport

At Mac Transco long distance transport doesn’t mean you have to wait long.

Here at Mac Transco, we want to give the client the best possible service, and as such, we have carefully planned and laid down an infrastructure that is built on years of experience and intuitive thinking. We strive to build long term relationships with our clients by continually improve ourselves. Our services, which include long distance travel, exports and storage, are handled with speed and professionalism.

We excel at what we do, and boast with a fleet of vehicles that are less than 3 years old. Our in house specialists provide training, as well as overseeing the maintainence of both the fleet, and our state of the art equipment. Our warehouses are fully equipped, and serve to further our cause of quality. Long distance transport is our game, and we are good at it. We complete customer requests as quickly as possible, and with a quality that is unmatchable.

Furthermore we are proud to say that no job is impossible, as we offer packages tailored to the clients requirements. This means that what you want is what you get, all with the previously mentioned excellence. In urgent cases, we even provide helicopters for speedy transport, with added security, which has the advantage of being able to land almost anywhere – no more waiting for runways.

If it is long distance transport that you require, then look no further. Mac Transco is able to offer you what you need.