Mac Transco- Leading Exports

Mac Transco is a leading freight exports company in Southern Africa A business that focuses on all the facets of a multileveled exports industry, from a platform of more than 25 years of solid exports experience and exports business success, since 1982 .

Since the inception of our revolutionary exports company, we have strived to deliver customized business solutions in the freight and logistics industry to all sized businesses, from a revolutionary pricing structure. Today we are capable to offer you, our valued clientele, services in all areas of storage, road haulage and exports, ranging from road maintenance to bulk transport from our warehouse facilities and container depots, as well as long distance general transport and import and exports of cement, fertilizer, coal, maize, and more...

Did you know that we haul more than 25,000 tons of coal every week across distances up to 600 km for our mining clientele? Yes, we already have a network well in place that gives us the efficiency to handle major governmental projects as well as many import and exports for larger and smaller firms.

Some of our exports services include:

  • Well stocked and advanced workshop, which maintains all trucks with tire fitting and underground diesel bunkers, and trailer rebuilding;
  • A helicopter and landing pad for any measured export emergencies;
  • Over 6 500 sq meters of warehouse facility with reliable railway siding;