Searching for a large and safe warehouse?

Welcome to the information highway in freight – Mac Transco is your warehouse and freight specialists.

When you are looking for an overall warehouse logistics company that can offer solid solutions, customised to your exact warehouse specifications, then our logistic services is precisely what you need. Yes, with Mac Transco you will harvest the benefits of a combined 250 years of expertise in the freight and warehouse industry in Southern Africa. Did you know that our well-maintained fleet of trucks drives an average of 85,000 kilometres every moth to deliver our client’s valuable cargo from our warehouse, ranging from citrus to cement.
More about our warehouse and depot facilities:

  1. At Mac Transco, you can expect only the best trucks to transport your products, with a complete workshop for everything from truck maintenance to trailer rebuilding;
  2. At our administrative offices, we have a team of professionals that cater to every need;
  3. We have helicopter landing pad to ensure that we can swiftly deal with any warehouse emergency;
  4. Mac Transco has warehouse railway siding for bulk material handling of 40 000 tons per month;
  5. Apart from all the great service, staff, equipment and business solutions, we also have more than 6 500 sq meters of warehouse facility; and
  6. As a leading South African freight and warehouse specialist, we purchased 70 ha of industrial ground for further development;
With many other incredible elements that make Mac Transco more than just your ordinary warehouse logistics brand.