Mine Handling Services

Here at Mac Transco our mine handling services are of the highest quality. We aim to please, and our success is apparent in the amount of long term clients we have accrued. We believe that clients should be made for life, and as such, we strive to uphold a standard that is both pleasing and rewarding for our clients.

We have at our disposal more than 25 years of experience, an infrastructure that is unmatched, an impressive fleet of trucks, and a determination that leaves everything else wanting. Our core functions are import, export, transportation, and warehousing, and mine handling services.

As a mine handling service company, we offer transporting, packaging and distribution of magnetite and coal, currently travelling in excess of 85000 km’s per month (both Musina and Lethally braches combined). To ensure we offer the best, we provide a 24 hour, seven days a week transportation service. We have helicopters on stand-by to react to critical situations, as well as transportation of highly valued goods or documents with the added bonus of security.

Our current goals are to increase our fleet by 300 percent within the next 24 months, to increase our BEE status to level 4 within the next 12 months, and to expand our expertise in road transport. Therefore, our services will only continue to improve.

The conclusion is simple, we offer one of the best mine handling services around, and if you are interested in simply having the best, then why not contact us for further info.