Find a professional Coal Transportation Company.

South Africa is one of the world’s leading producers of coal and our reliance on this fossil fuel is absolute with some notable examples like Koeberg in the Western Cape which supplies nuclear power to South Africa’s electrical grid we rely almost exclusively on coal to fire up our power stations. This makes the mining and transportation of coal two of this country’s most important economic sectors. A coal transportation company in South Africa must have access to the specialised vehicles required for the on loading and off loading of coal at railway siding and ports. A coal transportation company will be able to offer clients services which are not limited to the heavy transport vehicles that are required for the transportation of coal but also the all important logistical services that will allow for the proper utilization of the vehicles and enable just in time delivery. This is especially important given the different modes of transport that are usually required to carry coal from the mine to the end user at the power station, namely rail and road freight. When selecting a coal transportation company care should be taken to select a company which pays enormous attention to fleet maintenance as the nature of coal transportation places enormous strains on the fleet and without regular vehicle maintenance deliveries will be continuously interrupted. The importance of coal transportation to the South African economy is not only in the sphere of electrical power generation, but also in the manufacture of petroleum. Sasol’s oil from coal operations rely on South African coal and their manufacturing facilities are specially designed to make use of South Africa’s high sulpher content coal.

The transportation of coal keeps the wheels of South Africa’s industrial and manufacturing operations turning, without the safe and efficient transportation of this valuable resource South Africa would not be able to maintain economic growth at the levels it requires for social development.

Sasol’s operations keep the price of petrol at levels acceptable (by and large) to the South African consumer, so we all owe a debt of gratitude to each and every coal transportation company operating on our roads.
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