Coal Truck Hire

We Also Specialise In Coal Truck Hire

South Africa is in the fortunate position to possess mineral rich earth, including a significant amount of coal deposits. We actively mine this coal, and not only do we use it widespread throughout the country, but we also export a large amount of this precious commodity. With such large volumes handled, it is obvious that there must be an effective way of moving the coal across the country. Generally trains provide the best method of transportation, as South Africa has a sufficient railway system, and trains can carry much larger amounts than trucks can. You will still have to investigate the various coal truck hire options presented to you, as you need to get the coal to and from the train.

While there is certainly no shortage at service providers who can supply you with transport, not all of these are necessarily qualified to provide you with efficient coal truck hire options. This is because coal transportation requires more than just a flat surface to load the goods on. You need a vehicle that can navigate the mining area and be of such a design that the upload of this mineral is made easier. Once this is done, it needs to provide safe transport to the coal from the mining area to the nearest train station or loading zone that is fit for the loading of this type of freight. The truck that you utilise for the transport must also be able to off-load its cargo easily, which most often imply some sort of tipper mechanism.

Mac Transco is an all-round freight logistics provider that can supply you with comprehensive transport solutions. We understand the importance of safe transport that runs on schedule, and have the necessary experience to meet your transport requirements under any circumstance. We employ only the best planning and management tools, and ensure that our fleet is always maintained to the best standard, because the state of our business should only have a positive effect on our clients.

Our wide service offering include the transport of mining minerals such as coal. If you are thus in this industry and looking into coal truck hire, contact us at Mac Transco to discuss the solutions we can provide you with.