Air Freight

Air Freight Services Without Any Hassle

Any business requires the movement of something or another from one point to another in order to perform the function they have been created for, whether it be the transport of goods or materials, or the relaying of information. These goods differ in size and weight, not all transports are equally important or urgent and the distance it needs to travel to reach its intended destination can vary greatly. Perhaps you need to get a container to the other side of town, or perhaps you need to get an entire shipment to the other side of the world. Whatever you requirements are, Mac Transco can help you with the logistics and transport of your cargo, as we are experts in the planning and execution of various means of transport, including combinations of road, railway and air freight services.

When it comes to bulk transport, both railways and shipping offers very effective solutions, but they are not always necessarily the most practical. Railways cannot get you across the ocean, and while ships are certainly much faster than their counterparts of yesteryear, they still need a certain amount of time to cover the distance between continents. If you thus require a large shipment to reach a destination abroad in very little time, air freight services is the only viable solution. At Mac Transco we can help you arrange this transport. It requires a rather substantial amount of paperwork in order to cross the borders, and we can take care of this on your behalf as well.

We own a fleet of trucks that will be able to transport your goods to or from the airport. We also own a helicopter for smaller loads that need to travel shorter distances, and where time is of the essence. We can even provide safe transport for important and sensitive documents, as a helicopter can land in numerous places, such as office parking lots, if needs be. Helicopters also often get clearance much quicker than planes at the airport, so even this will be a viable option.

Contact us at Mac Transco to find out how we can provide you with the perfect transport solution, whether it be a road, railway or air freight requirement.