Truck Transportation

Truck Transportation Keeping The Wheels Of Industry Turning

South Africa is one of the largest producers of raw materials used for the manufacture of a variety of goods and the supply of retail establishments on the African continent. Truck transportation of these goods and raw materials takes place on a daily basis as the long haul vehicles make use of the recently upgraded South African road network to transport loads to both wholesalers and retailers in the country and to ports where the goods are loaded for export to countries all over the world.

The logistical complications of ensuring that the goods reach port when they should, often just in time for loading and that these goods reach the port in prime condition, is one of the responsibilities of the truck transportation company. These companies have advanced logistical management tools which allow then to plan for the complex challenges that characterise the transportation of many different types of goods in South Africa.

Adding to the complexity of truck transportation is the sheer number of different types of goods and raw materials that are transported on the South African roads. Each type of load requires different handling and often highly experienced goods handlers are required to prevent damage to the goods being transported. In many instances the goods being transported also require the services of drivers who are qualified to transport materials that may rely on extra heavy transportation vehicles in order to reach their destination safely.

Even goods like fresh seafood require specialised transportation vehicles and trailers. Goods such as these are subject to spoilage during truck transportation and therefore require that the trailers involved be refrigerated. This refrigeration is required for the maintenance of the so called cold chain which ensures that fresh produce that requires refrigeration reaches the buying public both fresh and unblemished.

There are other types of trucks and trailers that can be seen on the highways of South Africa that perform specialised haulage duties. These trucks include those which are required to transport the raw materials and ore which is produced by South Africa’s mining industry, as well as agricultural and forestry products. These trucks can often be seen at ports across South Africa where the cargo is loaded for processing in other countries.

Companies like MACTRANSCO have a variety of different vehicles that make up their truck transportation fleet. With a number of specialised vehicles in the fleet they can offer clients a turnkey transportation solution no matter how specialised or perishable the load.