Logistics South Africa

Logistics In South Africa And Supply Chain Management

Logistics can be defined as the time-based transport of goods or freight from one location to a destination point. This basically means that a bulk or freight transport provider will not be able to deliver you with the best service possible if they do not have division to take care of the logistics in South Africa. There are two ways in which transport companies can have access to logistics and these are internally or externally – either they can employ a logistics expert or they can outsource their logistics.

There are many factors that need to be taken into account by companies offering logistics in South Africa. One of the most important of these factors is supply chain management. Supply chain management needs to include not only the transportation of the freight to and from your destination point but must take into account storage or warehousing, the distribution of the goods in a cost effective manner as well as clearance of the goods to the destination point. Clearance of the goods relates mainly to import and export but can also just refer to letting the destination point know the estimated date and time of arrival of your freight.

Warehousing and storage may be necessary before the goods are moved, during the transportation phase as well as at the end of transportation for distribution. Distribution refers to the delivery of your goods to a number of different outlets, retailers or other suppliers of your product or bulk goods. Planning is everything in distribution as a route must be calculated to save you the most money in fuel and delivery costs to more than one destination point in South Africa.

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