Truck Transport Company

Services Offered By A Truck Transport Company

South Africa is one of the most important producers of goods and raw materials on the African continent and the country’s advanced logistics and haulage network allows it to maintain a competitive edge even in the face of increased pressure from a globalised production and transportation environment. A truck transport company in South Africa must be able to ensure that the goods that it is responsible for transporting reach their intended destination extremely quickly and in pristine condition. The destinations for goods carried by a South African truck transport company can vary from deep water ports and airports and travel through borders southwards into Africa.

A professional and well equipped truck transportation company in South Africa with the ability to provide a range of services, such as the transport of various types of goods, as well as the supply of logistical services is an invaluable partner to the producer of primary goods in the country. The truck transport company should be able to supply the specialist vehicles that are required for the transportation of a number of different raw materials that are produced in the country.

The truck transportation company should have vehicles that are able to transport fresh agricultural goods and the equipment to ensure the safe and effective loading and offloading of agricultural products such as wheat and grain. These types of products are used by the producers of bread and maize products in South Africa and the storage of the raw material in silos may require that specialist trucks and trailers, capable of pumping this raw material into storage containers are part of the truck transport company fleet.

The truck transport company should also be able to supply specialised vehicles and trailers for the transport of frozen and chilled goods. There is a vibrant market for South African products like fresh seafood that will require specialist handling in order to ensure that the loads arrive at their destination in as fresh a condition as possible. These trucks form an integral part of the cold chain which requires that goods such as fresh meat and seafood are kept chilled throughout the entire transportation and storage process.

A truck transport company should also be able to supply logistical services to ensure that goods reach their end destination as quickly as possible. In today’s ‘just in time’ business environment any delays in the supply of goods can prove extremely costly not only for the truck transportation company but for their clients as well. The truck transport company should therefore have access to warehouse facilities as well as the latest in tracking technology in order to ensure that goods are transported effectively, taking into account extremely tight deadlines.

A truck transport company like MACTRANSCO provides customers with a full turnkey solution to their transport requirements and has the necessary transport assets that will ensure that goods reach both wholesalers and retailers timeously and are delivered in pristine condition. Companies like this are playing an important part in allowing South Africa to maintain its position as one of the premier suppliers of raw materials and goods on the world stage, even in the face of increasing globalisation and competitive pressures.