Transport Services

South African Transport Services

The economic hub of Johannesburg is one of the most important business regions in South Africa, however much of the economic activity in the country centres around its ports and borders with other sub-Saharan countries. It is at the border and ports that South African companies supplying transport services ensure that the wheels of industry fuelled by the country’s import and export activities continue to turn. These transport companies are active in the haulage of various types of goods and raw materials from primary producers across the country.

These transport services are active in the haulage of a variety of different materials, some of which require specialised vehicles and handling in order to ensure that they arrive at either ports for export or at South African wholesalers and retailers in pristine condition. Some examples include fresh seafood which South Africa exports to many countries around the world. Mining output is another industry that requires the services of specialised transport services and South Africa’s agricultural producers also require the services of specialised haulage companies. These producers may require transport solutions that include trailers that use pumps to both load and unload raw materials, including ore and liquid loads such as petroleum products.

In the case of products requiring refrigeration specialised transport services that are based around trucks that can help maintain the cold chain are required. The maintenance of the cold chain requires refrigerated units that help prevent the spoilage of such loads as fresh seafood which is transported to retailers all over South Africa and further abroad.

Companies like MACTRANSCO supply transport services based around specialised trucks and trailers that are used for the haulage of perishable goods. A company like MACTRANSCO will also be able to assist clients with other aspects of the transport chain, such as logistical services which are becoming part and parcel of today’s transport services.