Transport Logistics

The Importance Of Transport Logistics

The transport of goods, from the primary producer to the end user, retailer or wholesaler, is one of the most complex tasks that is today part and parcel of the industrial activity of any country. South Africa produces a wide variety of different goods, from agricultural products that are used by both domestic producers of such value added products as bread, or packaged for use by the consumer, as well as one of the most prolific producers of raw materials that are produced by mining activity. The transport logistics that are required to allow these goods to reach their destinations are extremely complex and are often supplied by transport companies in South Africa.

Transport logistics is a field that has grown exponentially in the last few decades due to the increasingly global and integrated nature of the world economy. Today goods or raw materials that have their origins thousands of kilometres from the end user require specialist knowledge and processes in order to reach the market in a timeous manner. Much of this raw material need specialised handling in order to ensure that it reaches consumers in pristine condition and this requires that the company supplying transport logistics is both highly experienced and professional.

The supply of transport logistics is based on the interplay between the transportation services such as those based on the haulage of materials from the producer to the manufacturer or to ports where it is exported for final processing in other countries, or in the case of loads such as coal is used in its raw form. Transport logistics also involved the complex interplay between warehousing services, the loading and offloading of goods, the transportation of these goods by road as well as the attention to detail that is required in order to fulfil legal and legislative obligations on the part of the exporter and end user.

In today’s “just in time” economic environment the delivery of the goods when and where they are required leaves very little room for error. The experienced transport logistics company is responsible for making sure that these goods reach the market without delay. Any delay can have extremely negative effects on the reputation of the transport logistics company as well as being damaging to the business activities of the client.

Companies like MACTRANSCO are able to supply clients with a full turnkey solution to the challenges posed by today’s complex transport logistics environment. Their expertise and experience ensures that loads reach their destination on time, every time and that clients benefit from MACTRANSCO’s specialist knowledge of both the import and export environment.