Truck Transportation Company

The Logistical Services Provided By A Truck Transportation Company

A truck transportation company in South Africa is today more than just a collection of heavy vehicles and trailers that provide transportation of goods from point A to point B. the ever increasing complexity of transportation solutions and the wide variety of goods that need to reach their destination in pristine condition means that a logistics company that cannot offer a turnkey logistical solution to its customers will not usually survive very long in an extremely competitive environment.

Today’s truck transportation companies must have warehousing facilities that offer customers the opportunity to store goods while they are awaiting despatch to markets that rely on transportation solutions that are subject to delays due to vagaries in weather or other disruptions that cannot be planned for, such as industrial action. Without the ability to offer these services the client base of any logistics company will be limited.

A truck transportation company in the 21st century must also be able to cope with the logistical, legal and statutory requirements of trans border haulage. Although sub-Saharan and even pan African trade pacts have simplified cross border haulage there are still extremely stringent requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to successfully transport goods either from South Africa to neighbouring countries or from those countries to South Africa.

South Africa is the chosen destination for many cargos due to the countries sophisticated retail environment, relative affluence when compared to other African countries and its deep water port infrastructure which allows for the export of goods to overseas markets. A truck transportation company needs to be aware of the logistical requirements for unloading in a deep water port environment as well as the requirements for export that include insurance and other paperwork that is part and parcel of doing business on the global stage today.

The truck hauling company of the 21st century needs to operate a fleet of vehicles that can handle diverse loads. In South Africa this might mean that the truck transport company is called on to transport coal one day, wheat the next and fresh seafood the week after that. The company also needs to have the drivers and support staff who can handle the ‘just in time’ delivery requirements that characterise doing business in South Africa. Specialised vehicles such as those able to maintain the cold chain when refrigerated goods require transportation are absolutely necessary.

South African deep water ports and airports are amongst the busiest business hubs anywhere in the world. The truck transportation company must be able to service these points of entry and exit for goods in a highly professional manner and deliver the goods required within the timeframes as set out by a diverse client base. If the truck transport company cannot achieve an extremely high success rate for on time and within specification deliveries it is doubtful that it will survive the highly competitive environment of the South African transportation industry. A transport company that has a long history of success in this industry can be relied upon to deliver on time, every time as they have been tested by the acid requirements of operating under immense and sustained pressure.

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