Cross Border Transportation

Get Professional Advice Regarding Cross Border Transportation

It is accepted wisdom that the world is getting smaller. Today most destinations on any continent are less than a day’s plane trip away. Goods from all over the world line our supermarket shelves and we are exposed to marketing messages that are the end result of brainstorming by advertising agencies half a world away. Many people take this new reality for granted but the truth of the matter is that getting products and services from overseas or even from neighbouring countries is the result of highly professional logistics operations. For those wishing to export South African goods to neighbouring countries cross border transportation is fraught with complications. Thankfully there are companies in South Africa who specialise in this kind of transportation that will ensure your goods arrive at their destination in pristine condition.

Cross border transportation is a highly specialised business. It requires that the company transporting goods is fully conversant with the legal requirements of not only the country of origin, but also with the statutory and legal requirements of the country that the goods are destined for. These requirements include insurance and a variety of paperwork outlining the nature of the goods being transported and who will receive them at the end of the journey.

Taxation is also part and parcel of cross borer transportation. The establishment of various cross border trade organisations and arrangements has simplified the task; however the convoluted process of a various tax requirements and paperwork to be presented at border crossings means that cross border transportation is still best left to the professionals.

This kind of transportation may also require the services of specialised transportation solutions for a variety of different loads. Many specialised loads, such as fresh seafood regularly make the journey from neighbouring companies to South Africa and vice versa, some are carried via the road network, others rely on rail transportation while still other loads that are subject to spoiling or require extremely fast transportation are carried by air. Each of these methods of transportation has its own requirements and pitfalls for the unwary or inexperienced. Professional haulage companies will be familiar with these requirements and can facilitate the quick and hassle free cross border transportation of almost any goods.

Some goods destined for other countries also require specialised road vehicles for transportation. These goods include minerals which require specialised vehicles able to handle quick loading and unloading and refrigerated trailers for the transportation of fresh flowers or food requiring refrigeration. A specialised transportation company will be able to assist in sourcing these vehicles and taking care of all logistical requirements for transportation across the border.

If you are interested in cross border transportation and a quick and easy solution to the challenges that moving goods across borders can provide then contact us.