Long Distance Transportation

Obtain Affordable Long Distance Transportation Services Today

Long distance transportation services are required by a number of manufacturing and distribution companies in South Africa. While there are many courier companies that cater to transport within the confines of South Africa’s borders, not all of them provide long distance transportation services to outlying countries such as Zimbabwe and Botswana like MACTRANSCO does.

MACTRANSCO is a company that offers affordable and reliable long distance transportation services to companies that need to transport materials such as coal, stone and magnetite. They also transport palletised goods over long distances. All goods transported by MACTRANSCO are guaranteed to be safe and secure for the duration of their journey. You can expect the greatest care to be taken to ensure that your consignment reaches its destination on time and in good order.

Every precaution is taken to provide clients with an honest, ethical and professional logistics service at all times with long distance transportation. Their experience and in servicing this market shines through in each and every successful shipment delivery. MACTRANSCO prides itself on maintaining their vehicles regularly and managing the business carefully so that each long distance job can be completed in as short a time as possible and so that minimal vehicles can be used for each task and trip.

The utmost care is taken to ensure that your shipment is handled with care treated with the same urgency as even the biggest consignment. Whether you are a small company needing a once off transport service or a large company seeking repeat transport services, you can expect to be treated with the same VIP status by the team.

If you are on the lookout for cost effective and reliable long distance transportation services then waste no more time. Contact MACTRANSCO for more information and advice on their services and rates today. You will find that they will have the solution to all your long distance transportation needs.