Trucking Company

Mac Transco is a trucking company that was visualised and started in 1982 by Follie van Zyl after he had identified the huge opportunities in the transportation and logistics industry in South Africa. Right from the start the company placed itself as an all round freight logistics contributor rather than concentrating on selective transportation answers. As a trucking company our wide-ranging services include road transport, road maintenance, earth moving, warehousing, container transportation, border clearances, industrial property development as well as the import and export of bulk materials such as maize, coal, cement, fertiliser and so on. Transportation and logistics are at the very heart of South Africa’s economy, with about 80% of all freight being transported on the country’s road networks. Almost 30% of all freight is carried by haulage companies such as ourselves, the remainder being carried by companies in the course of their business with their own fleets.

A good trucking company has to be on top of the situation all the time, and here at Mac Transco we boast

  • A highly qualified and skilled management team;
  • An incorporated warehouse network;
  • An wide-ranging fleet of trucks;
  • World-class, cost-effective solutions to freight logistics;
  • Unparalleled software, which has enabled successful, integrated and efficient freight logistics in South Africa and beyond.
Mac Transco is the trucking company that is probably best known in the provinces of Limpopo, Gauteng and Mpumalanga, where it has helped in keeping the wheels of South Africa’s economy turning, thus contributing vastly to our country's socio-economic development in these regions. We are South Africa’s leading transportation and logistics experts and we boast all-round comprehensive answers to freight logistics through the finest possible fleet management systems. For any further information contact us at +27 15 534 2171