South Africa Exports

Mac Transco has been handling exports of coal and other bulk products from South Africa for well in excess of 25 years. South Africa depends on its exports in order for the economy to survive and to thrive. Our road network carries some 80% of all of the country’s freight. Companies who have their own transport fleet, both large and small, transport the bulk of this freight. However road haulage companies such as Mac Transco handle some 30% of it. When you consider that approximately 7% of our Gross National Product is spent on freight transport and logistics you will understand how important the freight business is. Mac Transco boasts:

  • A highly qualified and experienced management team
  • A fully integrated warehouse network
  • A large fleet of well maintained trucks
  • World-class and cost-effective solutions to bulk freight logistics

Mac Transco’s comprehensive services include:

  • The import and export to and from South Africa of bulk products such as coal, cement, maize and fertilizer
  • Warehouse facilities
  • Container depot
  • Border post clearing
  • Long distance general transport
  • Industrial property development

We take pride in the fact that none of our vehicles is more than three years old. Our warehouses, workshops and equipment are all state of the art and are always maintained meticulously, and our special in-house training team ensures that these standards are always maintained. We have the experience, capacity and expertise to meet all of our clients’ South Africa export requirements. Contact us for any further information you require.