Long Distance Transportation

South Africa is a large country with vast tracts of land between its cities. In a country such as this the whole economy of the country depends on logistics – and that means long distance transportation. Just to take one example, South Africa is the fifth largest exporter of coal in the world, exporting some 80 million tons of coal every year. The country’s coalfields are nowhere near the coast, and so coal has to be transported some 600 kilometres in order to reach the ships in which it is carried. That means long distance transportation. Other commodities also need to be moved from one place to another – maize, cement, iron ore, fertilizer, magnetite and many more. All of this calls for a company that is an expert in logistics, and Mac Transco is such a company.

The company, which is best known in the North of South Africa, where it was founded, has been in the long distance transportation business since 1982, when it was founded as Messina Associated Carriers (MAC). Right from the start it has been an important freight logistics contributor rather than concentrating on selective transportation answers. The company has a highly qualified senior management team who, between them, have degrees in Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, MBA, Engineering, Human Resources and Industrial Relations. In addition we believe in placing highly qualified personnel in middle management with qualifications such as diesel mechanic, boilermaker, tyre control and driver training. The company closely observes the combination of service delivery, punctuality, effectiveness and excellence. Our sole purpose is to measure up to our client’s expectations on every possible level. For any further information on long distance transportation contact us at +27 15 534 2171