Logistics Company

In 1982 Follie van Zyl had the foresight to see that there were great opportunities there for the taking in the transportation and logistics industries. He formed Messina Associated Carriers (MAC), which later became what we know today as Mac Transco, arguably South Africa’s leading logistics company. From its inception the company placed itself as an all round freight logistics contributor rather than concentrating on selective transportation answers. As a national transportation and logistics company we cover an extremely wide and comprehensive range of services. As well as such apparently mundane transportation services such as the bulk transport of coal, cement, fertiliser and maize, we are also involved in clearing at border posts, long distance general transport, container depots, warehouse facilities, earth moving and roads maintenance.

As a leading logistics company Mac Transco is best known in the Northern part of South Africa, in particular in Limpopo, Gauteng and Mpumalanga, where we have helped in keeping the wheels of South Africa’s economy turning, thus contributing hugely to the national socio-economic development in these regions. Mac Transco is South Africa’s leading logistics company, with a share of two logistics companies, Mac Thobe Logistics and Fenya Logistics. We are South Africa’s leading transportation and logistics experts and we boast all-round comprehensive answers to freight logistics through the finest possible fleet management systems. The management at Mac Transco believe in employing the right people and having the necessary infrastructure, the relevant capacity and in providing the correct service on time – these principles are not negotiable. For any further information contact us at +27 15 534 2171