Freight Transport In South Africa

South Africa, like any other emerging country, relies 100% on its freight transport, and this means rail and road freight transport. It is debatable as to which of the two is South Africa’s more important system of transport since each is vital to the country’s economy. The country has a highly developed railway system and an excellent network of good roads that are usually well maintained. The recent slump in the global economy has been offset in this country by the gold price edging through the $1000 mark for the first time ever, pushing up the value of our exports in dollar terms and indicating a possible turn for the better in the country.

Now that the oil price has come down and steadied freight transport in South Africa is seeing has seen a certain stabilisation. Mac Transco is a South African freight transport company that started in 1982. The company operates out of Messina in Limpopo Province and is best known in that province and in Gauteng and Mpumalanga, where it has made a vast contribution towards the country’s socio-economic development. Mac Transco can boast

  • A highly qualified and experienced management team
  • A fully integrated warehouse unit
  • An extensive fleet of trucks
  • Cost-effective and top of the range logistics
  • Unparalleled logistics software
The combination of these elements means that the company is geared up to provide an incomparable service that will meet the growing freight demands of its clients for the foreseeable future.