Freight Logistics Provider

Because transport and its related services are such a high risk and extremely competitive environment, the management team of Mac Transco is committed to providing a personalized service. The company has to live up to its reputation as being the country’s leading freight logistics provider, always adopting a "can do" attitude and meeting our client' s needs and deadlines without fail and at minimum cost. The result of this philosophy is that fixed, long-term contracts constitute some 90% of our business. When we win clients we keep them for life. As a leading freight logistics provider we have to employ the right people, have the necessary infrastructure, the relevant capacity and must be able to provide the required service on time. These principles are regarded as non-negotiable.

This philosophy has resulted in a highly qualified, experienced and motivated management team capable of acting pro-actively or managing any challenge within the freight logistics market. The company is not just a transport provider, and our management team is always coming up with new ideas, whether they be the development of an inland harbour at Messina or a new type of trailer. The management team ihas the full support of an enthusiastic workforce who are committed to service excellence. We are prepared to stretch ourselves to the limit in order to grow and increase our potential continuously and to achieve the desired expectations and results. As the country’s leading freight logistics provider we believe that meticulous planning, training and skills transfer, together with a methodical understanding of the nature of the business environment we operate in, represent the cornerstone of our success. For any further information about Mac Transco contact us at +27 15 534 2171