Coal Cargo Carriers In South Africa

South Africa is the sixth largest coal producing country in the world and fourth in line when it comes to coal exports, with more than 9% of the world’s total coal exports. This means, of course, that the country needs coal cargo carriers, and one of South Africa’s largest and most important is Mac Transco. The company is one of the country’s largest coal cargo carriers, providing reliable and client focussed road transportation solutions on a daily basis over distances ranging from 100 to 600 kilometres. In 2006 alone Mac Transco carried almost one million tons of coal. In order to ensure that it meets its rail transport tender obligations it is able to provide a completely uninterrupted transport chain, enabling the country’s coal industry to compete profitably with international opposite numbers.

Mac Transco are not just coal cargo carriers for the export market. Coal also has to be continually supplied to the country’s electricity generating power stations, to Sasolberg and Secunda and to companies such as Mittel Steel in Vanderbijlpark. Mac Transco handles the transportation of 150,000 tons of ROM coal each month from Inyanda to the new Clydesdale colliery and in phase 2 another 120,000 tons a month from Inyanda to Blackhill siding. Operating 24 hours a day and 6 days a week our specially designed coal cargo carriers transport some 500,000 tons of unprocessed coal a year from the outer shafts of Tshikondeni to the main plant. The company also carries coal from this mine to Messina, ensuring a permanent stockpile of at least 10,000 tons for Mittal Steel. Mac Transco is well-placed to transport any bulk materials throughout South Africa.