No Old “Fossil” Method: Coal Truck Rental

South Africa is highly dependent on coal as its primary energy source. This, coupled with the massive coal mining industry in South Africa that supplies coal internationally as well as locally, means that coal transport is a vitally important link in the country’s economic chain, and as such transporting these goods are just as important. The two main transport options that have always been used are train and truck. Due to the great expense of purchasing and maintaining a dedicated fleet, coal truck rental is becoming increasingly popular.

The wonder of coal is that is relatively easy to transport, yet is very expensive when a business seeks to do this with its own fleet of trucks. Coal truck rental, therefore, offers you the benefits of a large fleet but at a more affordable rate. Financially the rental option means that you have a large fleet at your disposal without the initial capital outlay to purchase the fleet.

What is more is that you are not burdened with the maintenance costs and requirements of such a fleet, nor the hassle of needing to staff the fleet with drivers and administration personnel. The benefits go further as you do not need to provide for back-up planning in case inevitable problems arise. A reputable transport logistics company will provide this for you, together with other means of assistance such as technical expertise and real-time fleet tracking and management. All of this is done by the rental company and benefits you while all coming at a much lower cost than what it would’ve cost you if you had chosen to run such an operation “in-house”.

Coal truck rental is a growing trend for a number of good reasons as we’ve seen. If your business can benefit from such a service, or other related transport logistics services, please feel free to contact Mactransco for more information.