Transport and Logistics

Effective Transport Management Can Ease Logistics Headaches

Southern Africa is an extremely large region with businesses at every corner. This has led to the need for effective freight solutions. The logistics involved in the transport of goods from the point of manufacture to the point of consumption is often a real problem.  Issues arise when borders need to be crossed and the lifespan of cargo is a crucial factor.

MACTRANSCO has been around since the 1980’s and has learned exactly what is required to succeed in the area of logistics. Our fleet is large enough to service even the largest of operations and we have a standing agreement with the rail service to facilitate the transport of goods to and from isolated areas like the mines.  This partnership with the rail freight means that customers can enjoy a smooth transport cycle that runs every day of the week and year.

The fleet is also maintained to the highest standards and most of our vehicles are less than 3 years old. All trucks are fitted with high-tech tracking and communications systems allowing for up-to-the-minute status reports.

The leopard at the centre of our company logo is reflective of our commitment to providing fast and effective service.  We are determined to thrive in the often challenging environment that southern Africa presents. The pride that we take in the service that we provide is evident in the urgency with which we operate and, if need be, we can keep going 24 hours day. The leopard, through its various colours and hues, reflects the makeup of a true South African success story.

In order to keep costs more manageable, MACTRANSCO will always ensure that we utilise as few vehicles as possible. We are not looking to make a quick profit; instead we aim to build a long term relationship with all of our clients.

We service companies in South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe, and will regularly move palletised freight or bulk cargo to and from these destinations. It is for this reason that the company has built warehousing facilities near the border so that when trucks need to overnight there is no risk of perishable items going bad.

MACTRANSCO have massive amounts of warehouse space at our disposal (6500 sq. meters), as well as the capability to handle 40000 tons of rail freight. Since the trucks form the backbone of the operation, it is not surprising that our workshops are completely fitted out.

Managing an operation this large and complex requires the services of a full administrative staff that makes use of bespoke software systems to maximise resource usage and ensure that everything gets to its destination on time. Our administrative team is committed to service excellence at all costs.

The nature of the transport industry requires that, in order to meet certain logistic requirements, companies have to be ready for any eventuality. MACTRANSCO keeps a helicopter as part of the transport fleet so the transport of valuable cargo and emergency shipments can be carried out at any time. This is one of the reasons that we are the preferred carrier of so many large companies.