Cross Border Transport Companies

Acquire the Services of only the Most Reputable Cross Border Transport Companies

In the mining and agricultural industries, the need for effective and reliable services from cross border transport companies certainly exists. These particular companies are required to transport palletised and bulk goods and raw materials from one country to the other. At MACTRANSCO we provide this exact service at a cost-effective rate. We specialise in providing freight logistic solutions both long and short distances and most often travel across the border into Zimbabwe and Botswana.

MACTRANSCO also has safe and secure warehousing available in Musina which is specifically used for items that are being transported across our borders. Most often this includes the likes of citrus fruit, fertiliser, cement, equipment, grain, palletised goods and so on. We also provide our services to mines where we handle materials such as coal, magnetite, and stone and so on, both on the premises and over long distances.

Owing to the fact that we travel in excess of 85 000 km on a monthly basis, we have to ensure that our vehicles are always in an excellent condition. We make sure that maintenance and serving is kept up to date and also replace our vehicles in no more than 3 years at a time. We also make sure that efficiency is a top priority with us. We even make use of helicopter transportation to ensure that getting from one point to another doesn’t take any longer than it absolutely has to.

No other cross border transport companies serving the South African market can compare with the service excellence and attention to detail that we are able to provide at MACTRANSCO. Our team members are all qualified in the industry which means that regardless of what you need transported, it will be done professionally and with all the required safety procedures and features in place. By chatting to our staff members you will be able to advise them of any special requirements and even be provided with some guidance and information on how to best handle your particular consignment or load.

At MACTRANSCO we are dedicated to providing our clients with a service excellence that cannot be faulted. We have been working in the industry for a number of years with each of our leading staff members having many years of experience behind them too. In total we have over 250 years of experience in logistics, warehousing and transportation. Our company is one that embraces the new South Africa and takes a positive approach to BBBEE in terms of black ownership, employment equity, skills development, corporate investment, black management and enterprise development. We are a team that believes in giving back to the community and work hard to ensure that those who are employed by us are treated with respect and looked after.

When turning to us you can expect for all the legalities of your freight transportation to be addressed and managed too. In fact, we will ensure that you are provided with assistance every step of the way and that a great deal of the stress often involved is lifted off your shoulders. If you aren’t sure about the requirements and transportation processes of certain materials and bulk goods then feel free to chat to one of our consultants who will advise you on these and ensure that you are completely aware of all of the costs that are involved.

Our facilities found at our depot are designed to offer a complete solution to our company as a whole. We have a professional workshop that can easily manage trailer building, truck maintenance and tire fitting. We also have underground diesel bunkers on our premises. We have 65 000 square meters of warehouse space up to 70 hectares of industrial ground which is available for additional development. At our premises you will also find railway siding for the handling of bulk materials, our helicopter landing pad and various administrative offices.

When seeking out reliable cross border transport companies to cater to your long distance freight handling needs, we at MACTRANSCO are just the team to assist you. Our hands-on approach and attention to detail when it comes to the needs of our clients is something that has earned us a positive reputation in the industry and phenomenal support and loyalty from our existing customers.