Freight Logistics Provider

Performance Driven Freight Logistics Provider of Choice

Seeking the services of a freight logistics provider to meet the exacting requirements expected by businesses in today’s highly competitive environment might be seen as a daunting task, since there is a multitude of companies from which to choose, all claiming excellence.

Where does one even start to narrow the number of potential freight logistics providers down to manageable size for final evaluation and selection? Which concern offers the experience, know-how, infrastructure and commitment for the client’s specific needs and cargo?

Moving goods from point of origin through the supply chain to its ultimate destination has its own set of potential problem areas, whether it is local, cross border or international. The nature of the cargo also plays its part, likewise easy accessibility to the initial loading area. Is interim warehousing and storage a requirement?

Customs clearance requires knowledge of documentation and procedures which vary from place to place and point of exit/entry. Failure to have all the required documents on hand or controlled electronically could result in massive delays, impacting negatively all the way down the line.

Pure freight forwarders would still have to engage the services of a carrier for the actual physical movement of goods, thereby creating the potential for mistakes and delays because reliance on an additional party is involved.

Logistics centres on the management of the flow of goods and resources between its origin and final destination. In modern business dealings, knowing that goods have left the point of dispatch and are somewhere en route is not good enough, not when time is of the essence, as it always is in today’s busy environment.

The exact location of all cargo must be able to be pinpointed at any time, day or night, weekend, public holiday or weekday notwithstanding. The flow of information has to be fully integrated in order to accomplish this, keeping in mind that people are involved every step of the way and humans sometimes make human errors.

Materials handling, monitoring, checks and back-up systems must be integrated into the logistics planning stage, even before execution.

It’s interesting to note that the concept of logistics is said to have originated in ancient times, during military operations. Arms, ammunition and military personnel had to be moved to forward battle lines to supply front line soldiers.

Food and rations also had to reach them, since living off the land was not always possible and was time consuming, time which should focus on overcoming an enemy. Ancient Greek and Roman officers were specially appointed to see to all relevant logistical operations.

No matter what the cargo contains, freight logistics is crucially time, cost and customer related. Since the inception of our company in 1982, we’ve positioned ourselves as an all-round freight logistics provider, rather than operating in selective transport aspects.

As such, we are eminently equipped to handle virtually any cargo-related challenges. Our comprehensive range of services extend to road maintenance, earth moving, bulk transport, container depot and warehouse facilities, long distance haulage and general transport, customs clearing at borders posts, industrial property development and the import and export of coal, cement, maize and fertiliser, to name but a few key aspects.

Previously, rail transport was South African industry’s primary means of moving goods and cargo, but due to the decline of rail infrastructure, about 80% of all freight is now carried on the country’s road network. Of this, approximately 69% is transported by companies in the course of their normal business operations.

29% of freight is handled by specialised road hauliers, a keenly competitive industry which accounts for some 7% of the country’s GDP, a huge contributor. Since becoming a leading haulier of processed and unprocessed goods in South Africa, our network and infrastructure is continuously expanding in order to continue customising our services for valued customers.

Under our highly experienced and committed management team, we utilise state of the art software, which enables the company to successfully integrate every aspect of freight logistics with maximum cost effective competence, offering world class solutions.

Crucial to our mission, meeting clients’ expectations, deadlines and response times, budgets and service levels are factors which we constantly monitor. In order to help achieve success, none of our vehicles are older than 3 years and are rigorously maintained. We’re proud that our loyal client base illustrates our high performance and service levels.

Our valued and varied staff complement is likewise committed to our clients and their requirements and we are BBBEEE compliant throughout our operations. As a dedicated, comprehensive freight logistics provider, we observe effective and punctual service delivery and excellence for our esteemed clients and their cargo.