Transport Company in South Africa

MACTRANSCO – A Reliable Transport Company in South Africa

Reliable transportation is necessary in almost any industry and working with a reputable and well-known provider will make a huge difference in the quality of service you can expect. Working with a provider that has a fleet of vehicles available will not only be convenient but it gives you the peace of mind knowing that your items will be transported safety and professionally.

In South Africa, almost 70% of all road freight is transported by firms or operators themselves, of which around 30% is transported by transportation firms. This creates a demand for reliable road transport services such as MACTRANSCO to provide a variety of short and long distance transportation and warehousing services to customers throughout the country. A transport company in South Africa has many different services to offer; it can deliver goods to customers on behalf of a company, transport goods between warehouses on behalf or larger distributors, or offer long distance hauling of imported goods.

MACTRANSCO is a BEE transport company in South Africa and we have a superior customer service record. We offer a variety of freight services to provide a complete solution to our customers, instead of focusing on just one area of transportation. Our approach includes corporate and social investments, skills development, black management, and employment equity. We are known throughout Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and Gauteng for contributing to the socio-economic development in these provinces.

Some of our core functions include the bulk transport of coal, stone and magnetite across short and long distances, as well as cross-border transportation of bulk items into Botswana and Zimbabwe. We can transport palletized goods and can assist with the import, export and coal handling of coal. We offer warehousing at Musina that is ideal for cross-border products like cement, fertilizer, vehicles, and citrus. In addition to our range of services, we also utilize helicopters for situations where speed is of the essence. A helicopter can land at the nearest airport or available car park, allowing for a fast and efficient service for emergency situations

Here are a few interesting facts on our company:

  • Our fleet travels distances in excess of 85 000 kilometres every month
  • We are one of the largest providers in South Africa for coal over short and long distances
  • We provide our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • The majority of our vehicles are less than 3 years old


MACTRANSCO focuses on productivity and efficiency, while providing real-time monitoring of all maintenance and running costs in order to ensure that only the minimum amount of vehicles is used for a client’s transportation needs. This helps to manage costs effectively and to lower capital investment; this in turn leads to reduced expenses when it comes to transportation expenses.

A BEE Transport Company

MACTRANSCO is a BEE company that supports government policies as well as the BBBEE Codes of Best Practice and Corporate Governance, allowing us to have a proactive approach in terms of our social development, suppliers, staff, and skills transfer. We constantly assess our BEE level and requirements to ensure compliance at all times. We value our BEE profile and uphold our responsibilities towards our staff.

In order to constantly measure our performance and quality we observe a combination of aspects, including punctuality, excellence and effectiveness. We want to measure up to our clients’ expectations and we consistently work to establish ourselves as reputable transport provider. We ensure that our staff members have the necessary experience, expertise and capabilities to deliver the best transport and warehousing service possible. We have a loyal clientele and pride ourselves on our experience and capabilities.

As a leading transport company in South Africa, we have a highly qualified management team and an extensive fleet of trucks to provide various services to our customers. We also have an integrated warehouse network and cost-effective solutions to the various freight logistics needs of our customers. In addition to this, we use software that allows for integrated and efficient freight logistics services throughout South Africa.

MACTRANSCO is a well-known transport company in South Africa that specialises in a variety of professional transportation and warehousing services. The company has been in business for more than 30 years and is located in the Limpopo province in South Africa.