Transport Companies South Africa

Do You Need to Hire a Transport Company?

Transport companies in South Africa vary greatly, all depending on what service you are looking for, what you are transporting, and what you can afford. Some transport companies in South Africa offer on-off transportation, whilst others are looking to build long-term relationships with their clients. There those who only transport certain types of goods, whilst others are up to the challenge of transporting anything and everything.

The real question is, do you really need to hire a transport company? Here are three reasons why the answer is yes...


It is important to remember that lifting and carrying heavy objects in the wrong way can cause you a lot of damage. It can put pressure on your spine, as well as the full set of muscles in your body. If you strain a muscle it will usually only hinder you for a short period of time, but a damaged back can last for life. Not only can it possibly cause you a lot of pain, it can also hinder your movement which will have a large adverse effect on how you live your life.

Individuals hired by transport companies in South Africa are given proper training. They know how to lift and carry heavy items, and some companies also provide specialist equipment that can be used for lifting and moving items that are simply too large or heavy to be moved by their employees.

If you hire a van or a lorry and do your own transportation, rather than hiring transport companies in South Africa, it is going to put you at risk of danger and disability.


Transport companies in South Africa know the area well; it is part of their job. They know the best roads to take and at what time, and which roads should be avoided. They keep track of any road works that are going on, as well as any natural disasters or issues that have happened along the way which could prove to be a challenge.

As well as knowing the safest and fastest routes, they are also efficient with their use of space. All professional transport companies in South Africa know how to efficiently pack up their lorries and vans, so that they can move as much as possible. They also know, however, the weight limit of their vehicles – they are not going to pack them so tight that they are putting their vehicles, and ultimately themselves, at risk.


Most business owners find that it is more cost effective to hire transport companies in South Africa, than to undertake the transportation themselves. Providing their own transportation means the purchasing of a fleet of vehicles (depending on how much is to be moved), as well as hiring and training new staff. There needs to be staff trained for driving the fleet of vehicles, maintaining them, and also planning out the best routes and journeys to take.

By hiring transport companies in South Africa, all of this is taken care off. All of the monthly costs are rolled into one, and everything is taken care of for you. You save the money you would spend on regularly recruiting and training the staff, as well as for the maintenance of the vehicles and the regular purchasing of fuel.

All of these costs are built up into one package that is both cost-effective and easy to handle. It also makes your accounts easier to build and read at the end of each month and each tax year.


At MACTRANSCO, we have a fleet of vehicles that are regularly maintained to ensure that they are perfectly safe and highly efficient. We have a team of staff, both in the office and out on the road, who are experienced in transportation, and who know exactly what they are doing. In this industry, mistakes can be disastrous for both the transporters and the companies hiring them; this we understand well.

We go out of our way to provide you with the best service possible, so that you can be safe in the knowledge that your property is being handled by experts. It will be secure and transported in a timely manner, and you will find yourself with a lot of weight lifted from your shoulders.

Get in touch with us today, and let us tell you more!