Mac Transco is one of the leading heavy cargo haulers in the South African freight logistics industry. Together, MACís experience in the transport, logistics and warehousing industry totals more than 250 years. MAC is a reputable brand name with an excellent reputation amongst clients and suppliers within the industry. MAC is proud to provide a 24 hour day, seven day week transportation service.

We take pride in the fact that the majority of our vehicles are less than three years old, and that our warehouses, workshops and equipment are perfectly maintained and special in-house training teams ensure that these standards are maintained continuously. It is an outstanding truth that MACís fleet, in the rendering of services to our clients, travels distances in excess of 85 000 kilometers per month.

Core Functions

  • Bulk transport of coal, magnetite, stone, etc, over long and short distances.
  • Focus on efficiency, productivity, real-time management of running costs and high quality maintenance ensures minimum number of vehicles required per contract to meet our respective clients’ needs. This transpires in lower capital investment, which in turn leads to reduced transport costs to our clients.
  • Cross-border transport of bulk product into Zimbabwe and Botswana.
  • Cross-border transport of palletized goods.
  • Material handling on mines, i.e. transport, bagging and distribution of magnetite at Grootegeluk Mine and transport of run-of-mine coal at Tshikondeni Mine.
  • Warehousing at Musina for cross-border products such as fertilizer, citrus, palletized goods, cement, grain, vehicles, etc.
  • Import, export, transport, warehouse storage and handling of coal on private railway siding.

Our Facilities and warehouses

  • Complete workshop for truck maintenance, trailer rebuilding, tire fitting and underground diesel bunkers.
  • Administrative offices.
  • Helicopter landing pad
  • Railway siding for bulk material handling of 40 000 tons per month.
  • 6 500 sq meters of warehouse facility with railway siding.
  • 70 ha of industrial ground for further development.
  • Magnetite bunker at Grootegeluk Mine

So whatever you warehouse business, or freight requirements are, Mac Transco can and have been providing our clientele with excellence for the past 25 years. Contact us today, and you will soon come to depend on our superior warehouse, storage and freight logistics services across southern Africa.