MAC has been an all-round freight logistics provider that has focused on more than just selective transport solutions for decades. They can assist you in any of your transportation business needs.

‘Why Mac Transco,’ you are asking? Because MAC is a reputable brand name with experience in the transportation, logistics and warehousing industry of more than 250 years combined. As a proudly South African organization, built by the children of Africa; MAC has embraced the new South Africa and believes in the essence of partnerships. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of all South Africans every day.

This is why it is Mac’s mission in our quest to keep the wheels of excellence turning, that we remain committed to being recognized as an acclaimed and trend-setting organization which:

  • Specializes in the transportation of bulk materials and palletized goods, creating and providing complete freight logistics business solutions.
  • Operates pro-actively, creatively and innovatively in accordance with sound business principles, standards and ethics.

It has always been a crucial element in the MAC organization to uphold the following values:

  • Our people represent an investment in growth, progress and prosperity; and mutual respect, transparency and integrity are therefore non-negotiable.
  • Difficulties are viewed as challenges, which in turn are stepping stones to success and shared wealth.

The following business ethos has ensured ongoing success:

  • The manner in which we familiarize ourselves with all aspects of our client’s business environment, i.e. obtaining knowledge of the client, its core business operations, its clientele, target audiences, etc.
  • Availability and accessibility (location) – MAC is based in Musina and Lephalale and has the capacity to work 24 hours around the clock, should this be required.

The above mentioned is just the tip of the load. Mac Transco’s comprehensive services include: Road maintenance, earth moving, bulk transport, warehouse facilities, container depot, clearing at border posts, long distance general transport, industrial property development; as well as the import and export of coal, cement, fertilizer, maize, etc. Trust us for any of your transportation needs, no matter the distance, material, or loads.