The better service provider in the South African road freight industry


Need a company that can deliver excellent South African road freight services? Require an organisation that has over twenty-five years of experience in the logistics industry? Or perhaps you are in search of a trustworthy supplier of reliable service where you need it, when you need it? Well there is such a company that will ensure that whatever you need transported will be delivered at the right place, within less time, in the same condition it left your warehouses, and for cheaper than you budgeted. The name is MACTRANSCO, where excellence comes standard.

From MACTRANSCO’s inception, we have ensured that we were positioned as an over-all freight logistics provider, rather than just focusing on selective transport solutions, like so many other companies. Our comprehensive services include: Road maintenance, earth moving, bulk transport, warehouse facilities, container depot, clearing at border posts, long distance general transport, industrial property development; as well as the import and export of coal, cement, fertilizer, maize, etc. We are proud to say that we are very experienced when it comes to South African road freights, because collectively MACTRANSCO’s experience in the transport, logistics and warehousing industry is over 250 years. When you do your research, you will find that MACTRANSCO is a reputable brand name with an excellent reputation within the freight logistics industry.

It has been our vision to become thee preeminent freight logistics provider in South Africa and internationally by providing a vital infrastructure, support and transport solutions to our growing economy, and in so doing, we are enabling both national and international connectivity.

There are some things in life that one never compromises on; one of these elements in a successful business is the logistics of the products to the many customers. That is why MACTRANSCO exists to ensure that our valuable clientele are ensured of high quality South African road freight solutions all cross the continent and beyond. When you rely upon MACTRANSCO, you will never know disappointment – only great services. So visit our website as soon as possible.