MACTRANSCO is a superior run of mine contractor

MACTRANSCO is a company that offers an over all run of mine contractor and freight logistics solutions at affordable rates. We are the name to request when in need of better road hauling and mining services - our clientele relies upon MACTRANSCO. With MACTRANSCO, excellence comes standard.

One of our many powerful clienteles is the EXXARO RECOURCES’ TSHIKONDENI MINE: Owned by Exxaro Resources, the EXXARO Recourses’ Tshikondeni Mine has insisted on the best, and that is why MAC has been the sole transport service provider for the Coal Mine since 1982. We have been responsible for the transport of the run-of-mine and final product, as well as the private siding. The service we deliver to our various national mines can be divided into three key areas of responsibility, namely;

Run of Mine contractor: We have specially designed trailers that are used to transport unprocessed coal from the outer shafts to the main plant. By operating 24 hours a day, 6 days per week these vehicles deliver on average 500 000 tons per annum, thus ensuring a constant flow of raw coal which enables the plant to operate uninterruptedly, 24 hours a day.

Transport of Final Product: With our own front-end loader, the final product is loaded onto our trucks and transported to Musina, situated 140km west of Tshikondeni mine. These trucks operate 24 hours a day, 6 days per week and travel approximately 3.7 million kilometers per year. At our private siding, the coal is then off-loaded and stockpiled, thus ensuring a minimum buffer of 10 000 tons at all times.

Private Siding: By using two of our front-end loaders, the final product is loaded onto Spoornet block trains, during which samples are taken of the coal and a moisture analysis is done by our weighbridge controller.

Having been in existence for over twenty-five years, we have shared many successes in the run of mine contractor and storage industry. So why not consider MACTRANSCO’s revolutionary services - visit our website today, end experience our excellence for your company?