As an emerging company, you do not need to spend unnecessary amounts of money to purchase your own fleet of trucks. With these trucks comes an entire new department, including monthly salaries, maintenance on the vehicles, and much more other expenses. MACTRANSCO is the answer to all of your freight logistics requirements. We specialise in the transportation of coal for mines, but we also have our own fleets of trucks that are continually maintained and no older than three years. We haul heavy cargo all over South Africa, and even beyond international borders.

In 1982 Follie van Zyl founded the core business after identifying the lucrative opportunities in the freight industry and turned his vision into a rewarding business. Within a few years Messina Associated Carriers Group of Companies (Mactransco) became one of South Africa’s leading heavy cargo haulers of processed and unprocessed goods.

MACTRANSCO boasts the following:

- An extremely qualified, experienced and professional management team;

- An integrated warehouse network;

- An extensive, well kept fleet of trucks;

- World-class, cost-effective solutions to freight logistics;

Instead of just focusing on selective transport solutions, like many companies in South Africa, MACTRANSCO positioned itself as an all-round freight logistics provider from its inception. Our comprehensive services include: Road maintenance, earth moving, bulk transport, warehouse facilities, container depot, clearing at border posts, long distance general transport, industrial property development; as well as the import and export of coal, cement, fertilizer, maize, etc. Did you know that approximately 80% of all freight, of which 69% is transported by firms or operators in the normal course of their business, and 29% by road haulage firms travels on South African roads? Close on 7% of our Gross National product (GDP) is spent on freight transport.

When you have transportation needs for just about anything, from palletized goods to mine products like coal, iron and stone, to heavy cargo, we can help. Our clientele enjoys the pleasure and satisfaction of knowing that their products will be delivered at the right place, at the right time, with little to no breakages or losses. Many trust MACTRANSCO for all their freight logistics needs and requirements – shouldn’t you? We are the leaders, so when you rely upon us, expect excellence.