Mac Transco is an all-round freight logistics provider that focuses on more than just selective transport solutions. Our extensive services include: Road maintenance, earth moving, bulk transport, warehouse facilities, container depot, clearing at border posts, long distance general transport, industrial property development; as well as the import and export of coal, cement, fertilizer, maize, etc. MAC is one of the largest providers of reliable and customer focused road transportation solutions for South Africaís coal per week over distances ranging from 100 to 600 km (in 2006 Mac transported almost one million tons of coal).

Mac has the experience, capability, capacity and expertise to meet all our clienteleís requirements and needs. We take pride in the fact that the majority of our vehicles are less than three years old, and that our warehouses, workshops and equipment are well-maintained and always state-of-the-art. Thoroughly trained and dedicated teams ensure that these standards are continually maintained. Did you know that Macís fleet covers distances in excess of 85 000 kilometers per month and that we provide a 24 hours a day, seven days per week transportation service?

An extraordinary service that Mac offers only to their clients, which enables us to run our business more efficiently, is the utilization of helicopters with the most obvious advantage being to reduce travel time from point A to B with greatly enhanced reaction time to critical situations. A helicopter can land in the company car park or at the nearest airport, and connect with them for longer journeys. This provides the Mac Transco management with a very flexible tool, which assists in controlling our areas of responsibility. Finally, helicopters can carry high value goods and documents at high speed and with high security. This is only a fraction of the services that we have been providing for the past century.

It is Macís vision to become the leaders amongst freight logistics companies in South Africa by providing a vital infrastructure, support and transport solutions to a growing economy. To be part of this dream, contact Mac today, and experience the best in freight logistics solutions across southern Africa.