As the leading transport logistics company in South Africa, MACTRANSCO has the experience, capability, capacity and expertise to meet all our clients’ requirements and needs. We are proud that the majority of our vehicles are less than three years old, and that our warehouses, workshops and equipment are continually maintained and kept state-of-the-art. We are able to continue these excellent standards, due to special in-house training teams.

MACTRANSCO is one of the largest and leading  transport logistics company that brings reliable and customer orientated road transportation solutions for South Africa’s coal. In 2006 MACTRANSCO transported almost one million tons of coal, a staggering 10% increase from the previous fiscal. Also in the services to our clients, MACTRANSCO’s fleet travels distances of over 85 000 kilometers per month.

As a leading  transport logistics company our facilities and depot ensures:

- Complete workshop for truck maintenance, trailer rebuilding, and tire fitting and underground diesel bunkers.

- Administrative offices.

- Helicopter landing pad

- Railway siding for bulk material handling of 40 000 tons per month.

- 6 500 sq meters of warehouse facility with railway siding.

- 70 ha of industrial ground for further development.

- Magnetite bunker at Grootegeluk Mine

MACTRANSCO provides 24 hours a day, seven days a week transportation service. We guarantee that we meet our rail transport tender obligations by collaborating with our clients and other affiliates to provide an uninterrupted transport chain that enables the industry to co-operate successfully with international counterparts.

In addition, what makes MACTRANSCO a cut above the rest is the utilization helicopters. The most obvious advantage here is to reduce travel time from point to point, thus enabling us to run our business more efficiently. A helicopter can land in the company car park or at the nearest airport and connect with them for longer journeys, often with much shorter notice than that required for airplanes.

So why not trust the leading  transport logistics company, MACTRANSCO. Rely upon MACTRANSCO, and you can expect excellence in every hauling service.