MACTRANSCOís Inland harbour port at Musina

If your company is in need of an inland harbour port, or insist that they only deal with an organisation that has over twenty-five years of experience in the freights industry, or maybe they are in search of an ultra reliable provider of professional and expedient freight logistic solutions, then there is only one name Ė MACTRANSCO. With us, whatever your valuable cargo, it will be delivered where you need it, when you need it, within less time, in the same condition it left your warehouses, and for less expensive than you ever thought possible. MACTRANSCO - where excellence comes standard.

From Macís establishment in 1982, we have always strived to remain in the position as a leading, over-all freight logistics provider, as apposed to just focusing on selective transport solutions like the average logistics companies with inland harbour ports. We encourage you to do your research first, and when you do, youíll find that MAC is an in-demand brand name, which maintains an excellent reputation with all of our valuable clientele.


We have been actively engaging in our quest to keep the wheels of excellence turning, and as part of this mission we at MAC are committed to being recognized as a trend-setting organization which:

- Specializes in the national and international transportation of bulk materials and palletized goods;

- Establishes complete, effective solutions to freight logistics;

- Operates pro-actively and creatively whilst always abiding by the sound business principles, standards and ethics.

It is common business sense that there are things that one never takes risks on, for example the professional and efficient logistics of the costly and valuable products to your many customers. For this reason, MACTRANSCO has continued to provide a superior service by ensuring that our clientele enjoy our many excellent developments like our high quality Inland harbour port and other trustworthy logistics solutions all cross the continent and beyond. Many have relied upon MACTRANSCO, why donít you try us - when you do, youíll never now disappointment again. Visit our website today.