Fleet Management

Emerging companies have many facets of their business that bring forth new problems and difficulties. It is how management deals with these issues that makes or breaks a company. Many large organizations have transportation needs, some more than others, and these require large numbers of trucks and a competent fleet management – yet another facet of growth. Mac Transco has been in the Freight logistics industry for over two decades, and they have been delivering excellent solutions to many large and small companies across southern Africa. With superior fleet management, Mac’s travels distances in excess of 85 000 kilometers and hauls far over a hundred thousand tons of coal and other cargo each month in the rendering of services to our clients.

MAC is one of the largest providers of reliable and customer focused road transportation solutions for South Africa’s coal per week over distances ranging from 100 to 600 km (in 2006 MAC transported almost one million tons of coal. This represented an increase of 10% over the previous fiscal). They have secured reputable clientele such as Polkwane Bricks, Carnaud Metal Box, Divfoods, Brainwave projects and many more.

Our Goals is:

  • To increase our current fleet by at least 300% within the next two years;
  • To reach a level four BEE status within 12 months;
  • To diversify our expertise in road transport in order to solidify our status as a major role player in the South African road freight industry.

Mac’s directors, fleet management and employees have always sustained a “can do” attitude. Meeting our client’s needs and deadlines without fail and at minimum cost is the core of our resolutions. The result is that our fixed, long-term contracts constitute 90% of our business - when we win clients, we win them for life.

In the Freight Logistics industry Mac Transco is a cornerstone to South Africa’s blossoming economy, and we are known as the company that was built by the sons and daughters of South Africa. We pride ourselves in fully accommodating our customers with customized solutions. With our highly educated fleet management we do not miss dead-lines, and always deliver without fail. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs.