Mac Transco is a professional transport logistics company in South Africa

Welcome to the transport logistics company in South Africa that offers solutions in transport logistics anywhere in Southern Africa, across all of our national roads – we even cover locations across international borders. But why Mac Transco you are asking? Well consider all that we offer, our level of quality, our extensive list of respected clientele, and our long history of business successes, and you will understand why Mac Transco. Read on and you will become confident to sign a contract with us…

Did you know that our national road network transports approximately 80% of all freight? To elaborate further, 69% is transported by firms or operators in the normal course of their business, which leaves the remaining 29% to be transported by road haulage firms, like Mac Transco. Do you realize that close on 7% of our Gross National product (GDP) is spent on freight transport? It is statistics like these that make our clientele confident in our wide knowledge and experience in the industry, allowing them to have the piece of mind that they deserve.

Mac Transco boasts the following:

An integrated warehouse network; World-class, cost-effective solutions to freight logistics; An extensive fleet of trucks;

In our efforts to keep the wheels of success turning, we are committed to excellence and being hailed as an acclaimed and trend-setting organization which offers innovative and customized solutions, as well as freight logistics of bulk materials and palletized goods, and complete, all-round solutions to these unique freight logistics business requirements.