MACTRANSCO has the means for excellent transport handling of magnetite

MACTRANSCO is a leading logistics company, rendering excellent services to South African industries, ranging from mining to palletized cross border transportation. Rather than just focusing on selective transport solutions, MACTRANSCO has since its inception, positioned itself as an all-round freight logistics provider. Our comprehensive services include: Industrial property development, transport handling of magnetite, road maintenance, bulk transport, earth moving, warehouse facilities, clearing at border posts, long distance general transport, container depot; as well as the import and export of coal, cement, fertilizer, maize, etc.

We work with many mines, and one of these is the Exxaro Resources Grootegeluk Mine:

MACTRANSCO is responsible for the transportation of coal to 320 clients: FOSKOR, Amplats Union, Highveld Vanchem, Rombus Vanadium, Phalaborwa Mining Company, Xstrata Steelpoort, Amplats Polokwane, Kgalagadi Breweries, Aventura Warmbad, ESSO, BMR, Houers kooperatief, Lephalale Bricks, Khulani Timbers, Magau No.1 PTA, Millenium Kole, Peppadew, Vhavenda Bricks, and Rhino Andulsite etc.

MACTRANSCO also executes the transport handling of magnetite to the Grootegeluk Mine’s stockpile, bags the magnetite into one-ton bags and then distributes it to five different plants at Grootegeluk on eight-ton truck with hydraulic arms.

The MACTRANSCO facilities and depots:

  • Magnetite bunker at Grootegeluk Mine;
  • All of our trucks are maintained, trailers are rebuilt, and tires are fitted at our workshop;
  • And we also posses underground diesel bunkers, helicopter landing pads, well staffed administrative offices, and railway siding for bulk material handling of over 40 000 tons per month, just to mention a few;

Mac has a few impressive core functions, like the bulk transportation of coal, magnetite, stone, etc, over long and short distances, as well as cross-border transport of palletized goods.

MACTRANSCO is the company that can efficiently, professionally and affordably execute the transport handling of magnetite, irrespective of the distance or industry. MACTRANSCO has the equipment and the expertise to meet all of your business requirements, so why not join the list of MACTRANSCO’s major and small clients, who each have unique requirements in logistics – visit our informative website today.