Unloading and loading of bulk train

When you are searching for a company that can provide excellent logistics and heavy road hauling solutions, then you will be happy to know that there is a company in South Africa that has over the past twenty five years been delivering excellence in the logistics industry. MACTRANSCO has a collection of modern and well maintained equipment for the loading of bulk trains, as well as a fleet of trucks that deliver the client’s products to the nations of South Africa. When you rely upon MACTRANSCO – think of success and quality logistics solutions…

MACTRANSCO offers a wide range of core functions, which includes

  • Earth moving and loading of bulk trains and then the quick and safe transport over any distances of coal, magnetite, stone, etcetera;
  • The handling of coal on private railway siding for storage, transportation, import and export etcetera;

The capabilities of MACTRANSCO:

MACTRANSCO has the capability, experience, capacity and expertise to deliver on all our clients’ unique requirements and important needs. Did you know that the majority of our vehicles are less than three years old, and that we run state-of-the-art warehouses, workshops with equipment that are well-maintained? Or that Mac is one of the largest providers of reliable and customer focused road transportation solutions for South Africa’s coal per week, ranging over distances from 100 to 600 km? MACTRANSCO’s squadron of trucks travel distances in excess of 85 000 kilometers per month, and we are proud to continue the rendering of services to our clients.

MACTRANSCO is the company that you want to hire for the loading of bulk trains of your products, irrespective of the distance, industry or product. When you do not have the time or the unnecessary funds to maintain your own logistics division, then contact MACTRANSCO. We have a range of major and smaller clients that each has unique requirements in logistics. We have the skills, machinery and staff for excellent loading of bulk trains. Our website is the portal to logistics successes, so why not click on www.mactransco.co.za.