Enjoy Superior Earth Moving Technology Only with MACTRANSCO

If you are in the earth moving industry, or even in construction, then you will know that the moving of earth to the specific sites across South Africa is crucial, and special heavy equipment is needed for this important task. Well MACTRANSCO has been hauling coal, iron and other minerals mined from the earth for years. Now MACTRANSCO can offer earth moving services to the specific industries across Southern Africa. Many mines and major industrial companies internationally are currently working with MACTRANSCO, en we have been specializing in the industry for over twenty five years. So perhaps it would be worth your while to try the forerunning company MACTRANSCO…

MACTRANSCO offers the following core functions:

  • Earth moving and bulk transport of coal, magnetite, stone, etc, over any distances;
  • Because MACTRANSCO focuses on efficiency, productivity and real-time management of running costs and high quality maintenance, we can ensure the minimum number of vehicles required per contract and still excellently meet our respective clients’ needs. This, of course, allows us a lower capital investment, which then leads to reduced transport costs for our clients – once again, a great service only from MACTRANSCO;
  • International transport of bulk products and of palletized goods into Zimbabwe and Botswana;
  • Transport, storage, import, export and handling of coal on private railway siding.
  • Warehousing at Musina for cross-border transportation of products such as fertilizer, palletized goods, citrus, cement, vehicles, grain, etc.
  • Earth moving and handling on mines, which often include transport, bagging and distribution of magnetite at Grootegeluk Mine and the transport of run-of-mine coal at Tshikondeni Mine;

With the earth moving services of MACTRANSCO, you will receive excellent customer services that range from satisfied results, to being informed right through the process, to having the choice of designing a customized solution that is unique to your business. Only MACTRANSCO can offer such quality customer services with their earth moving and other logistics solutions. Why not visit our revolutionary website and enjoy the brilliance of MACTRANSCO – we are the leaders.