For optimal bulk handling contact MACTRANSCO

If your company has the need for bulk handling, irrespective of the distance or industry – MACTRANSCO is the name to remember. We have years of experience in bulk handling and we ensure that all of our clientele are satisfied with our solutions and services.

Only MACTRANSCO boasts with the following:

  • A management team that is both highly qualified and experienced;
  • The latest software and technology which allow MACTRANSCO to execute successful integration and efficient bulk handling in South Africa and beyond.

Mac’s mission:

We have been striving in our quest to keep the wheels of excellence turning, and that is why we at Mac are committed to being an acclaimed and trend-setting organization which:

  • Provides and creates all-round, complete solutions to freight logistics;
  • Provides a professional and quality service that is aligned to the unique requirements and needs of our clientele.


The following business ethoses have ensured our ongoing bulk handling success:

  • The fact that we gain all knowledge of the customer like its core business operations, its clientele, target audiences, etc. – and thus by familiarizing ourselves with all aspects of our client’s business environment, we can devise and execute the best possible freight solutions at the best prices;
  • Ensuring that our designated Mac projects Manager, Workshop manager, and Labor Relations Officer are personally involved with the right and necessary qualifications, levels of experience and capability to set project deadlines and keep them;
  • Our teamwork results in productivity and efficiency;
  • The client is informed every step of the process, via regular feedback, advice and communication.
  • And of course a team of highly qualified personnel in middle management such as Boiler Maker, Diesel Mechanic, Driver Training, Tire Control, etc.

MACTRANSCO is the name to remember when in the need for professional bulk handling. We have what you need, and with a fleet of modern trucks, we can haul any product safely, quickly and affordably. So why not rather opt for the leaders in bulk handling in South Africa and beyond – why not opt for MACTRANSCO.