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Welcome to the information highway in freight – The fast transport professionals – Mac Transco.

When your business demands reliable and speedy carriers to deliver your valuable cargo across the country, and over international borders, then Mac Transco is the name for you. Messina Associated Carriers (MAC) will expertly cater to all your fast freight demands by offering to you, our important client, many great transport solutions ranging from helicopter transport to rail road solutions - Irrespective of the nature of your products, the load or distance of transport.

As a prominent name, Mac Transco has the facilities, the staff, the equipment and the experience to promise a large transportation solution confidently, with fast transport options, specifically adapted to meet your expectations, the nature of your company and the distances that you require. Yes, with us, you can affordably arrange for cross-border transport solutions. So read on, or further explore our website to learn more...

Mac Transco has been delivering superior contributions to the South African industry for over a decade, and our business success continues to develop, which in turn allows us to offer even better solutions to more clientele.

Mac Transco carries more than 1,000,000 tons of coal annually across the South African road networks, of more than 85, 000 kilometres, and that is excluding all the other products that we transport.

So why not contact Mac Transco and communicate your fast transport options with one of our dedicated staff members...