Welcome to the information highway in freight – Professionals with impressive transport capabilities – Mac Transco.

Companies that rely upon a steady and quality flow of product transportation to increase their business development to new industry standards know that Mac Transco offers larger, heavier and further freight transportation services. Mac Transco is labelled as one of the forerunning names in freight with quality transport capabilities.

We offer clientele state of the art facilities, well-maintained equipment and vehicles, dedicated staff as well as over 20 years of solid experience - All of this asserting our transport capabilities and revolutionary solutions in South Africa. Know that we will expertly and thoroughly meet every transport demand.

When you opt for a Mac Transco’s freight solution, our transport capabilities guarantee functional, reliable as well as affordable businesses solutions in transport. We are honoured by the fact that today, Mac Transco has become a name and logo synonymous with experience, expertise, quality, and resilience to challenges.

Did you know that Mac Transco confidently carries over 1,000,000 tons of coal annually over South Africa’s road networks, and this excludes all the other products? Furthermore, Mac Transco successfully travels farther than 85, 000 kilometres every month - That is double the circumference of the earth.

Some of our specialized transport services include, coal transport, container depot facilities, road maintenance, bulk transport of any weight, warehouse facilities, clearing debris and materials at border posts, industrial property development, earth moving services, long distance general transport, as well as the import and cross-border transport of tons of fertilizer, maize and cement, to list but a few…