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Welcome to the information highway in freight - the expert long distance transport company – Mac Transco. Do you have the requirements of a short distance transport solution, but cannot afford to invest in a quality fleet of trucks, or perhaps you don’t have the valuable time and resources to manage such a division in your business? Well, Mac Transco is the preferred freight logistics company in South Africa today. Yes, we have built a reputation with our exceptional level of services, reliable solutions, and low prices – all whilst still expanding our range of industries that we are able to cater for – Visit our informative website to discover the true meaning of profitable and reliable short distance transport solutions.


Do you realise that Mac Transco successfully transports over 1,000,000 tons of product in the rendering of our long and short distance transport services, across a staggering 1, 020, 000 kilometres – This means that Mac Transco drives 25 times around the earth each and every year. With such successful statistics, we can ensure the most trustworthy and affordable short distance transport solutions to you, our valued client.


Mac Transco is renowned for our contributions in the industrial property development sectors as well as in bulk transport, long distance and short distance transport, earth moving, stone transport, coal transport, magnetite transport, clearing at border posts road maintenance, as well as the import and export of fertilizer, maize, coal, cement, and more…


Visit to learn about all the services that we offer in our unique and customized short distance transport solutions - Trust Messina Associated Carriers (MAC) – Trust excellence.