Welcome to the information highway in freight – The forerunning national transport company – Mac Transco.

Are you in need of serious, yet affordable transportation solutions across Southern Africa? Do you have a set budget for your company’s delivery or transportation division? Well whatever you require in freight, national or international, know that Mac Transco boasts with over 20 years of cargo hauling expertise, and we are competitive in every level of our business, thus making us the forerunning name in freight. Indeed, we are the most sophisticated national transport company, and we have revolutionised the existing concept in freight by offering advanced services in original context at amazing price structuring. So why not consider the premium solutions from Mac Transco for your business...

More about the national transport company, Mac Transco:

To further impress you with our capabilities in national freight, Mac Transco already has a network of clientele and depots secured from which we annually transport weight in excess of 1,000,000 tons of coal across South Africa. Indeed, we are the largest national transport company, and we have even extended our services for international transportation of virtually any cargo across our national borders.

Did you know that we cover land distances in excess of 85, 000 kilometres monthly, locally and cross-border?

We specialize in the clearing debris and materials at border posts, coal transport, industrial property development, earth moving services, any bulk transport in any weight, road maintenance, long distance general transport, import and cross-border transport of tons of maize, fertilizer and cement, and we also offer container depot and warehouse facilities, to list but a few.