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Welcome to the information highway in freight - the expert magnetite transport firm – Mac Transco. When your business demands reliable, affordable and quality magnetite transport to ensure a steady flow of revenues, it is imperative that you utilize the best company in South Africa. Well, Mac Transco is the leading freight logistics company in South Africa, and has been for over 20 years, with an astonishing load of 1,000,000 tons of coal transported each year, across distances of 1, 020, 000 kilometres, that is an amazing 632,400 miles. We are most certainly the leaders in the magnetite transport industry – so why not visit our informative website today to learn more...


Did you know that the South African roads transport approximately 80% of all freight? 29% of this is conveyed by local freight companies. Mac Transco contributes to industrial property development, bulk transport, earth moving, coal transport, magnetite transport, road maintenance, container depot, warehouse facilities, clearing at border posts and long distance general transport, as well as the import and export of coal, fertilizer, cement, maize, and much more.


Mac Transco is proud to maintain a level of excellence with the following attributes:

-          Extensive warehousing capabilities; and

-          Professional management;

-          An extensive fleet of well serviced and modern trucks;

-          Disaster and recovery back-up systems;

-          To mention but a few.


Visit to customize your perfect solution - Trust Messina Associated Carriers (MAC) for all of your magnetite transport requirements.